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A Corner Stone of the Monterey Penninsula


Ensure the success of a world renowed race track


Build a modern Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca


Help us create the future of Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca


When it comes to motor racing in the United States, few venues have more history and allure than Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. For more than half a century, this storied racetrack has challenged drivers, captivated spectators and been the site of countless historic moments in motorsports, on two wheels as well as on four. Laguna Seca is unique not just for its signature zigzag Corkscrew corner and exquisite setting in the hills of Monterey, but for its county ownership and operation as a nonprofit. As such, the only way to keep it viable for racers and fans is to continue raising much-needed funds for the vital infrastructure upgrades and amenities that will allow it to remain a competitive track on the national and international racing scenes.

To help ensure improvements continue at Mazda Raceway, the nonprofit Laguna Seca Raceway Fund, a 501(c)3 organization, was formed to collect and funnel funds toward key projects. Every dollar donated to the fund is tax-deductible and will contribute to maintaining this country's own Cathedral of Speed.

While donors can contribute via the Steps to the Corkscrew Program, allowing them to place customized tiles in the patio at the top of Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca's famous corner, they are also welcome to make flat donations and will receive recognition for their generosity. Key contributors are listed on the Donor Board in the paddock, centrally located at the Cruisin' Cafe.

Thank you for your interest in the Laguna Seca Raceway Fund - and in maintaining this valuable and historic racetrack.

Laguna Seca Raceway Fund

To contact us, please call 831-242-8201

Board of Directors

Carl Anderson
Danny Sullivan
Steve Fields
Kathy Hayworth
Greg Evans
Ned Spieker
Jim Graber
Ken Schley
Gregg Curry


From humble beginnings to the world stage


An outgrowth of the fabled Pebble Beach Road Races of the 1950s, Laguna Seca was created via a collaboration of the military � which owned the Fort Ord Army Base that would yield the acreage for the track � and a nonprofit called the Sports Car Racing Association of the Monterey Peninsula. The track took two months to construct, at a cost of $125,000, and hosted 35,000 spectators at its inaugural races in November 1957. (Pete Lovely won in a Ferrari Testa Rosa.)

Since then, it has hosted national and international fields in automobile and motorcycle racing, presenting challenges for the world�s top racers and drawing fans from all over the globe. Its economic impact each year is enormous, as hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts flock to the Monterey Peninsula to watch thrills on the track and enjoy everything the area has to offer. Its significance in roadracing puts it on the same elevated level as Monza, LeMans, the Nurburgring and other famed and historic venues of the world.

The goal of the Laguna Seca Raceway Fund is to help Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca maintain its important status in the competitive world of government-funded multimillion-dollar race facilities.


Help us realize the next big idea in international motorsports


Timing and Scoring Board

We Define Success

Spectators will be greeted by the Scoring Tower at Mazda Raceway this year. The state-of-the-art system features the latest Daktronics LED video technology with a three-sided video display measuring more than 13 feet high by 30 feet wide on each side will be installed at the top of the Scoring Tower.The new displays will make Mazda Raceway the only motorsports venue in California with live video on top of its leaderboard and the only motorsports venue in Central and Northern California with permanent live video displays.
We are extremely grateful for the Laguna Seca Raceway Fund which was instrumental in making the new Scoring Tower a reality. Through the numerous contributions and donations that the Fund collected, they generously helped the track in replacing our aged Scoring Tower. A special thanks to Porsche Club of America Western Region for their generous help with the new Scoring Tower

Donor Board

Recognizing Our Supporters

Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca is proud to announce the debut of a new Laguna Seca Raceway Fund Donor Board. This new architectural structure housing the Donor Board was built around the Crusin’ Café in the paddock. It is a metal structure with an eye-catching track layout that encloses the patio area with the names of all the donors to the Laguna Seca Raceway Fund. The Donor Board was designed by David Stoker of Stoker & Allaire. It was donated in memory of Rodney Smith.Rodney Smith was not only a Silicon Valley executive and passionate vintage racer, he was also a great benefactor to Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. He was killed on May 25, 2007 by an elderly driver while riding his bicycle. Smith raced for many years in the Rolex Monterey Historic Automobile Races in his pre-war racing cars. His collection shows impeccable taste with cars such as two ERA’s and the first Maserati 4CL which won the Targa Florio in 1939.‘It is a beautiful structure to thank all the supporters of the fund and to honor those who have donated their time and money to improve the facility,” said John Della Pena, President, Laguna Seca Raceway Fund.


As we move forward, we bring the last 57 years of racing to life

Laguna Seca Raceway Fund Contributers

Monetary donations of any size are greatly appreciated and will make a great difference in ensuring Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca remains a key venue in motorsports for decades to come. All contributions are fully tax deductible and may be mailed to Laguna Seca Raceway Fund, PO Box 2078, Monterey, CA 93942, or made online by clicking HERE. For more information, please contact Jim Harris at

Platinum Level - $100,000+

Kelly McGary; Mary Smith; Ned Spieker; SCRAMP; Rodney and Mary Smith; Fund Raiser, LTD. (Brick Proceeds); Bruce Canepa; Community Foundation Silicon Valley

Gold Level - $50,000 - $99,999

Bowman Family; Sports Car Club of America

Silver Level - $20,000 - $49,000

Joe L. Clark; Jon A. Shirley; Porsche Club of America; Old Town Deli/Gordon Chin; Bowman Family Foundation; John H and Amy Bowles Lawrence Foundation;

Bronze Level - $10,000 - $19,999

James C. Castle, Jr Trustee/ C & C Racing; Charles K. McCabe; James Brown; Frederick Knoop; J & B Refining;Los Gatos Motor Company; Canepa Design; Rainey Family Trust; Rodolfo Junco; Nichloas V Colonna

$1,000 - $9,999

PMUM Memorial Fund; Bob McLean; Bob Brower; Michael B. & Elizabeth S. Sweeney; Peter Read; James B. Janpence; Alan & Vicki Anderson; Kenneth C. Schley; Argent; Edward E. Magner III; San Jose Construction; Astro Appliance Service; Bruce Anderson; Anthony Joseph Hart; Author B & Neveda B Cook; Frank H. Jellinek, Jr.; Omega Industries, Inc.; Price Automotive II, Inc.; Charles K. McCabe


There’s more to motorsports than horsepower and aerodynamics


The goals of the Laguna Seca Raceway Fund are to help Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca compete effectively in the competitive world of government-funded multi-million race facilities, and to SCRAMP (Sports Car Racing Association of the Monterey Peninsula) to continue its successful charitable and social missions.

Major elements include:
Spectator Enhancements - Viewing suites and grandstands, terrace and landscaping, a spectator medical facility and extensively improved vendor and restroom facilities.
County Park Amenities - New access roads and entrances, public transportation facilities, water treatments facilities and signage.
Race Course Upgrades - Pit row garages, safety improvements, a caution light system, monitoring cameras, a new Race Central facility, a participant medical facility, a new flagman podium and a new Start/Finish bridge


Make your mark on history!

Secure your place atop The Corkscrew. Nicky Hayden did it! Alex Zanardi did it! Now you can put your mark on the world-famous Corkscrew. Do you recall standing on top of turn 8 where the exhilarating action takes place? The most well-known turn with a 10-story drop is in need of a spectator terrace.

An 80' x 100' brick terrace has been constructed atop The Corkscrew with a pathway leading down to Turn 10. You can purchase a brick to be set on the walk of fame with your own personalized message, name or logo etched on stone. 100% of the proceeds will benefit the Laguna Seca Raceway Fund for race track improvements.

Three brick sizes are available ranging in price from $150 to $500, which is tax deductible. This is a great way to show your support for the track, remember a friend, or mark the great times you have had rooting on your racing heroes as they left their mark in The Corkscrew.

You can make your purchase of the engraved bricks on-line HERE or by phone at 1-877-426-7572

4x8 Brick Paver

$150 - Up to 3 line of text
$50 - Replica for you to display

8x8 Brick Paver

$250 - Up to 10 lines of text or up to 6 lines of text and your logo
$75 - Replica for you to display

12x12 Brick Paver

$500 - Up to 10 lines of text or up to 5 lines of text with your logo
$100 - Replica on granite



P.O. BOX 2078